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Services and Pre-Sale Checklist

We strive to meet and exceed our customers expectations
We are open: TUES. - THURS. 9:00am - 5:00pm
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image Our primary mission is to provide our customers with quality vehicles.
We have developed a unique program of a 'Pre-Purchase' inspection designed to ensure the quality and condition of our inventory before purchasing the vehicle direct from the owner.

Pre-Sale Checklist

  • Brakes - Ensure they are in proper working order.
  • Headlights - Ensure headlights are properly functioning and the lenses are clear.
  • Signal lights - All bulbs are working and in proper working order.
  • Steering - Check the components of the steering mechanism and make sure all fluids are full.
  • Suspension - Check the front and rear suspension. Ensure all parts are in working order.
  • Exhaust system - The exhaust system is checked for any leaks or damage.
  • Tires - Tires are checked to ensure adequate tread and to make sure they are wearing evenly.
  • Emission control - Catalytic converters are inspected to make sure they are in proper working order.
  • Windshield - The windshield is inspected for any cracks or chips that may be in the driver's view.
  • Engine Compartment - The engine compartment is inspected for any leaks. All fluid levels are also checked.
  • Interior Components - The interior of the vehicle is also inspected. The heat/ac and defrost are inspected to ensure proper working order. Switches and other interior components are also inspected.
  • Vehicle Detailing - All vehicles are thoroughly detailed prior to being offered for sale.

Our Track Record

Customer satisfaction is our goal. Listening to our customers has improved our customer loyalty. We strive to meet or exceed our customers expectations.